Sunday, July 16, 2017


Back in May I learned about the site It's a site where you have to draw the prompt that the previous person wrote or you have to leave a prompt for the next person to draw based on the drawing you are viewing. It is basically the drawing version of telephone game. The regular game has 12-15 people and gives each person 10 minutes to complete their work. The blitz mode only gives the user 1 minute to complete their work

The game can be addicting and in the beginning you want to keep working to level up and be seen. The most noticeable and popular games are Vet games. You become a Vet after you reach level 15. To gain levels, you have to keep creating games, creating funny or accurate prompts, or draw accurate, ascetically pleasing or funny drawings. If people like your drawing, they will give you a thumbs up. Each thumbs up you get equals 1XP. Each level has a set number of XP you need to get to the next level. As you level up, it gets harder to get to the next level.

Above is a Pinterest board of some of my favorite drawings that I drew. The game is a great way to get yourself to draw everyday, even if some of the prompts can be weird or extra silly. If you don't know or understand a prompt, just hit the skip button. The downside to this site is that as you get better, you want to see your thread succeed and not get derailed. However you are in a pool with people of all drawing levels, all levels of pop culture knowledge, and trolls. So people in your game thread may not understand the prompt and instead of giving a good attempt or skipping, they derail the game by changing the prompt or drawing to something else. You might also have people who understand the prompt, but either didn't give enough effort or their drawing skills aren't good enough yet and so the next person couldn't figure out what they drew. A way to avoid this, is that when you reach Vet status, you can change your preference to only play in Vet games. The downside to this is that you will have less games available to play. The majority of the people playing are below Vet status and it cost piggies to create Vet only games.

What are piggies? Well, every time you reach a new level, you are given a reward in the form of piggies. Piggies can be used to buy things to enhance your playing experience like color schemes to use in games, the profile layout editor, or access to even more games. You can also use real money to buy piggies. If you are not that good at drawing a masterpiece in under 10 minutes, you probably will not be getting tons of thumbs ups. This means you may have to buy piggies to get a better experience on the site. However, that is not always true. Trolls like other trolls and will give them thumbs up which can mean that trolls can make it to Vet status and still mess up your games. So now you are spending real money and still have to deal with issues from when you were not a Vet.

If you want to avoid all of the drama you have 2 other options. You can just draw in practice mode, but you will not be part of a game and will not move up in levels. This does give you a chance to time yourself and draw freely using all of the color themes. You can also just play in friends games. Friend games takes much longer to play because most people want to play in the regular game to get exposure and level up, so the game can take days/weeks/months to finally finish. In the friends game, the game is private unless you have the link and it doesn't allow you to level up.

All in all, Drawception is a fun site to practice speed painting, meet other artists, and have a couple of laughs during the day. Try it out, you might get addicted as I did.

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