Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Project: Slice of Nature

I take a lot of photos and barely ever post them. The 100 days of black and white photos project helped me to rediscover a whole bunch of photos I forgot I had. What is even worse, is that I shoot a lot of videos and barely even post those either.  These days there are so many places where you can post videos, but I have a hard time figuring out what content should go on which site.

I've always loved Vimeo as a platform. They cater to the artist and people that need promotional services.  Lately they've even been catering to independent filmmakers; allowing them to upload their movies, charge a fee to view them, and get free promotion from Vimeo. However, they still seem to be stuck in their ways for their other services and not updating them to meet with the services that are provided today by other popular companies. If you have a free Vimeo account, you can only upload 500 MB a week and 1 HD video a week. With today's standards, you can easily blow that out with one 3 minute video. They created those rules back when being able to shoot HD video meant having an expensive video camera. Now, you can shoot 4K video with a cell phone. To upgrade to the next tier means $59.95 a year with a 5 GB a week limit. It is not a bad deal, but because I don't upload very frequently (in part due to the restrictions of the free account), I don't want to shell out the money to upgrade.

Flickr allows users to upload videos. The file can be as large as 1 GB, but they will only show the first 3 minutes. Which is a step up from Instagram (15s) and Vine (6s). I also didn't want to constantly clutter my photo feed with videos. Facebook is not even an option, and I've also read rumors that twitter is coming out with an integrated video platform. I wonder what that means for the future of Vine.

Youtube probably should have been my first choice, but the reason it wasn't is because I wanted to stay where the creative community was very visible (Vimeo and Flickr). Youtube is like the Mall of America: a huge mall with tons of big name shops and I am a little boutique kiosk that sells purple hats.  Another reason is because I would have had to create another google account just for uploading videos. At the time, it seemed like such a hassle, but now it seems to be the best answer for my situation.

I create an account for this blog to upload any videos related to ... anything. Well not anything, just videos related to creativity. I'll define it better as I move forward. I'm start a new project, or since they are videos I should say series, where I post videos of small moments of nature. Mostly videos of nature in the city or urban areas, but that may change if one day I take up hiking as a hobby. Below is the first video.

Wish me luck! I hope I can keep this up.

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