Tuesday, November 10, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Epilogue

When I first started this project, I intended to take a photo everyday. Previously, I tried to do the 52 weeks and 365 days projects and just couldn't do it. After I did my 30 days book challenge earlier this year, I thought I was ready for the next step up.

In the beginning I took photos everyday, but some days it rained or I was too tired after work. So I just uploaded a photo I had that I had never uploaded anywhere before. That is when I realized I had tons and tons of photos dating back to 2010 that I had never uploaded. The project became more of a way for me to finally publish photos I've been hiding away on my hard drives.

I choose black and white photos as the project theme, because I wanted to learn the secrets behind what makes a great black and white photo. I learned about high-key and low-key photos. I watched a bunch of videos about B&W photography. I read two books on the subject too. I also learned that color will fool you into thinking a scene or photo will make a great b&w photo. Color intensity or color contrast means nothing when it comes to b&w. You have to pay attention to light intensity and shadows.

While I was doing this project, I also did a drawing project with my friend where we drew 3 times a week for about 10 weeks. I also did a 30 days yoga challenge and have continued to do yoga for 62 days straight. Even though part of me is kind of sad the project is over, the other part of me is happy to get my nights back. However, I am thinking about what I should do for my next project so I don't lose the momentum of posting to this blog regularly. Any suggestions?

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