Monday, October 26, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 86

Can you tell what this is?

On Columbus day, I went to Carkeek Park. I took two film cameras and a digital camera with me so I could record my stroll. I came across a huge stump. The tree that died must have been more than 200 years old. The stump was close to 5 feet wide. Now it is a shelter for bugs and other plants that are trying to grow. A couple of minutes later, I saw another stump. It was huge but not as huge at this one. I think I took photos of it on my 35 mm camera. I still have a few photos left before I can develop the film. I shot this with my Holga camera and developed the film myself yesterday. This photo is considered low key, since most of the values are in the dark range.

Do you know about the Holga camera? The Holga was created in Hong Kong back in 1981 or 1982 (depends on the source). It was meant to be an inexpensive way for people to take photos with medium format film. Back then, 120 film was still more popular then 35 mm film. The Holga is a plastic camera with a plastic lens. These days, the reason why people still like shooting with this camera is because:

  1. It is a cheaper gateway into shooting with 120 film.  Most 120 film cameras are expensive and hard to find since they are mostly sold as used. 
  2. The plastic lens gives your photos a dreamy look and vignetting.
  3. It makes you think creatively when taking photos since it has very limited settings.
  4. A lot of pro photographer have one and use it when they want to get back to the basics and just produce art.
I'm trying to be satisfied with my Holga, but I would be lying if I didn't say I wanted a non-toy camera medium format camera.

At first I had my eyes on the Mamiya 645 or the Mamiya RB67, but both of those cameras are huge and heavy. I can't easily drop them in my bag, take it with me daily, and pull it out when inspirations hits me. So I decided I wanted a range finder. Those are even harder to find :-/. Right now I have my heart set out on a Mamiya 6, Maimiya 7 or a Fujifilm GF670. I'm still researching, so my feelings may change later.

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