Tuesday, October 13, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 73

I can agree with this statement. At least that is how I felt today. Today is Columbus day and my job is one of the few places that seems to still want to ignore the type of person Columbus was and still give this day off as a holiday. Since Monday is a day I usually have to wake up early and leave the apt, I decided to go visit Carkeek Park. I have been wanting to visit it for close to a year.

I don't trust the parks in this city. This city has a really bad and visible substance abuse problem. The people with these problems hang out under bridges and in parks. This is one of the many reasons why Seattle reminds me of NYC in 80/90's. In fact, in the middle of the day, my coworker and I was walking through a park that is in the busy downtown area of the city, and saw a guy shooting up with a bloody needle, right as we walked by.

Anyway, so I told myself if it doesn't rain, I'll head to the park and make myself a pizza for lunch when I got back home. The park is 220 acres and the trail I walked is about 1.2 miles long. The trail leads to the freight and Amtrak railways that are right next to a beach. To get to the beach, you have to use the overpass that also has a great view of the whole area. The Beach is connected to the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountain can be seen across the water when they are not hiding behind clouds. Today was an overcast day so I have pictures that has parts of the mountains in them. I may have to make another trip when it is a clear day.

Once I was done taking photos at the beach, all I could think about was the pizza I was going to make for lunch. Walking back on the trail, I saw the front side of the garbage and snapped that photo above. I knew at that moment it was going to be my photo for today, even though I think it probably looks better in color. It rained like crazy on Saturday, so all the plants are healthy luscious colors of green.

I took photos with my Holga (film), Olympus OM2 (film), and my Nikon P7000 (digital). I'm curious as to how the film photos come out. When shooting with my Nikon, I kept having to change the shutter speed and even changing the EV comp to underexpose photos. I thought since it was the late morning and an overcast day, all the lighting would be close to even. I learned that doesn't matter when you are in a forest. Yes technically I was in a park, but if you saw the 100-200 year old trees and ferns all over the place, you would think you were in a forest too.

When I got back to my apt, these were waiting for me in my mailbox.

They came at just the right time because I have 2 shots left in my Holga and didn't have any replacement film.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to buy any more film any time soon. I do want to visit the Woodland Park Zoo soon, but I will probably shot more digital photos than film.

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