Sunday, October 11, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 71

I had trouble trying to figure out how to crop this photo. Cropping it in different ways makes the photo tell different stories. The photo isn't that great, but it has meaning to me. It currently represents progress and over coming obstacles.
Like I mentioned in a previous post, my computer of 5 years died. I'm still trying to figure out what I will buy to replace it. I'm also dragging my feet, because I don't want to spend the money. I pulled out my even older HP mini netbook that has Ubuntu installed on it, and I have been using that sparingly. I've been relying more heavily on my phone and tablet. 

Without a decent computer, it makes it hard to edit RAW files from my cameras. So I spent most of today trying to find solutions to that problem using my phone and tablet. I found an app on Android that will convert RAW files to 100% jpegs. This is a big deal because most apps that convert to jpeg or even export to jpeg add extra compression to the file making it smaller, but also losing a lot of details. 100% jpeg is as best as you can get on Android until devices upgrade to Android 5.0 or above and start using the camera 2 api, which includes support for saving to the DMG RAW format. 

On iOS, there are several apps that can save to TIFF, which is a step up from 100% jpeg. I found an app called Photogene4. It can read RAW files, has a host of advance editing features, can export to TIFF and 100% Jpeg. I'm still working on my workflow, but right now it involves uploading files to Dropbox and then downloading them to my mobile devices. I found some devices on Amazon that work as card readers/external hard-drive/mobile wifi devices. I also found devices that can connect directly to mobile phones and allow you to upload media from SD cards. If ... I mean when I get those devices, I will never need to travel with a laptop again.

I found this photo on my network drive. I had forgotten that I saved a bunch of photos to the network drive when I was trying to free up space on my computer. This photo is of the Highline park in Manhattan. I found a bunch of other photos that I can use for this project. The funny thing about some of the photos is that, after I took them, I thought most of them were shitty. Now that I'm looking at them years later, in terms of being black and white and also as part of a project, they actually don't seem to look so bad. 

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