Thursday, October 8, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 69

Do you see that American flag? Well on Tuesday it was flying at half-staff. I noticed it and wondered why. None of the other flags in the area that could be seen were at half-staff. Five minutes after I noticed, my coworker asked out loud why the flag was at half-staff. He didn't even noticed that I had just gotten up to check for the same thing. 

We speculated all kinds of reasons and searching on the internet told us nothing. The next day, I saw that the flags were back at full staff. That made me even more curious. I searched the building's website and found nothing. I was working on convincing my coworker to email them to find out why they were flying their flags at half-staff when I stumbled across the answer.

The POTUS sent out a mandate that all government building had to fly their flags at half-staff in honor of the people who loss their lives in Oregon because of the recent college shooting. That building is owned by a private company BUT, it is a city landmark, so they decided to honor the mandate.

POTUS visited the families of the victims today and will be in Seattle tomorrow afternoon for some event held by the democrats. People are panicking because just a couple weeks ago the President of China visited Seattle and shut the traffic in the city down, sporadically. The news basically told everyone to work from home because there was no warning as to where and when parts of highways and streets would be shut down while the President of China was traveling. Getting home from work tomorrow will be an adventure.

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