Tuesday, October 6, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 67

Last Wednesday the furniture for the waiting area at the front of the office was delivered. The delivery was after 6 PM. Me and two other coworkers were there late to receive them. Boy were we shocked when we saw the furniture. You can't tell from the black and white photos so I posted bonus color photos below.

So today, I wanted to get away from my desk, so I sat in one of the chairs, took my shoes off and crossed my legs while in the chair. I wont say the chair is super comfortable, but I was surprised that there was enough room for me to sit crossed legged with my laptop on my lap. I also thought that the way the back of the chairs leans would hurt my back after awhile, but it didn't. It actually felt better than our herman miller chairs. The chairs feel like they are hard and would hurt after a long period of use, but I sat there for about two hours and my butt never felt a thing.

The pink has a fancy name which is currently escaping me. The common comment everyone makes about the chairs is that they are "very pink". That is with and without a pause between the words. The yellow is close to a neon yellow. The delivery men, my coworker and I, were arguing for a few minutes as to wether the stools are green or yellow. The lighting was bad and I couldn't do much to make it better before snapping the photos to send to the Director of Facilities. I understand they wanted to give the office a pop of color, and these colors are close to the company colors, but still ... Anyway, we'll end up growing to like them.

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