Monday, October 5, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 65

I spent the night using my step up ring, 10+ diopter macro filter, and my mirrorless camera "scanning" film negatives. I did this all while trying to finally watch videos on my youtube watch later list (I had 100+ videos). Because of all of this, I almost forgot to post my photo for the day and it is almost 2 AM.

The film negatives were from the batch of film I shot, and then processed myself a few weeks ago. I had "scanned" the photos with my phone, but the phone has a fixed lens of F2, which is too wide open to get all the details needed from film. F8 is a better f stop. I'm hoping these scans came out better. Scanning with a digital camera take a lot of time.

I choose to invest in using my micro four-thirds camera instead of buying a scanner, because I rather use the tools I have, then to spend money on a scanner which I might barely use. Shooting with film is fun, but also makes you consider your shots more before taking them. So you may end up shooting less. For example, I bought a Holga camera, and it took me 2 weeks just to finish up 12 frames. So yeah, unless I get one as a gift, I don't have a present thought of getting a scanner.

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