Wednesday, September 9, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 39

Guess the angle at which I took this photo? E and C you don't get to guess because you were there with me and probably have similar photos.

This was taken as the Seattle Aquarium last year Spring. I've been meaning to go back, because we went when it was almost closing time and we didn't get enough time to gawk at the creatures and trip over people. I wanted to see the octopuses, but since it was feeding time, it was crowded with people and tiny people. I had to raise my camera over my head to try to get video. I think I saw a tentacle.

P.S. I edit these photo at around 1 AM after a long day at work. and I don't always noticed things like the fact the this photo is a little blown out. But I'm too tired to go back and fix it. My bed is calling me.

P.P.S why did I write P.S like I was writing a letter?

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