Sunday, August 30, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 29

I took this shot with my Nikon P7700. I haven't used this camera in a while, so I was relearning most of its features. I shot this in manual mode with manual focus. I didn't even know this camera could do manual focus. I changed the color mode to Monochrome with a light application of cyanotype and extra contrast.

This project is making me love and learn my cameras again. I don't have a need to buy a new version of any of them. They fill all the needs I currently have. A few weeks ago before starting this project, I was thinking about getting a newer DSLR. The one I have is a Nikon D60 that I bought back in 2008. Since I bought the mirrorless micro 4/3rds (Lumix GF2), I didn't need to upgrade the Nikon DSLR.

The GF2 has an interchangeable lens system and gives me video capabilities.When I learned that newest version of this camera is a GF7, that made me start thinking about upgrading my camera again. I couldn't believe it was 5 versions behind. However, I went in the total opposite direction. I bought a 35mm film SLR and I love it! I love shooting with film. It makes me really think about everything I've learned over the years and to compose my shot before clicking the shutter.  I can't wait to develop the film so I can see where I need to improve and what works well. 

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