Thursday, August 27, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 26

Yesterday, I saw that the cruise ships were at the cruise docks. So I figured they would be there again today. Nope!

I wanted to get a better and up close photo of a cruise ship. The last photo I took, which I used for a post, was taken from so far away. So I went for a walk to get a closer view and they were not there. The consolation prize was to finally shoot this bridge and the freight trains that run under it.

My job is moving offices. Today was the last full day in the office. We decided to work from home tomorrow and Friday so the director that flew in from the east coast would have more time to organize the move with less restrictions. This gave me more motivation to finally go take photos of this bridge.

The bridge has so many interesting lines going everywhere. It is an overpass over the freight train tracks and takes you to the park that overlooks the Puget Sound.  I'm not even sure if the shot I got is the one I've wanted. I may have to go back again, but this time it would have to be on a weekend since I'll be way across town.

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