Monday, August 24, 2015

100 Days of Black and White Photos: Day 23

This wasn't the photo I was going to upload today. A few weeks ago I bought a light tent. I tested it out with this little guy, took photos of him and then forgot about them. Today I decided to use my Lumix GF2 to take photos instead of my phone or iPod, and I found this photo on the card.

If you don't already know, this is a statue of Ganesha. He is a Hindu god of removing obstacles, patron of arts and sciences and much more. I first learned about him years ago when I did an internship with LinkTV. My internship corridor was a photographer that really loved what he was about. She went to India twice to shoot photos for projects about him. This guy was gifted to me by a friend.

One of my friends went to India to visit his parents, and when he got back, he gave this to me as a souvenir. I've had this guy for probably close to 8 years. The next time he went to visit his parents, this time I asked him for something and he brought me back a purple sari. I still haven't managed to wear it correctly, but one day I will.

Since then my friend moved to India, started a business, and earlier this year he invited me to his wedding. I couldn't go to his wedding, because he told me about it two months before the date @_@. I'm not a jetsetter or a baller, so flying to India at the drop of a hat is no something I can currently do. I'm so happy for him and I hope that in a year or two I find out that he is a new dad!

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