Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Photo Book Challenge: day 24 and 25

Day 24: Hysterically Funny

None. I have not read any books that I felt were hysterically funny.

Day 25: Happy Tears

None. I also have not read any books that caused me to cry tears of joy. I can't think of any books I read that had someone in it that cried tears of joy, but I'm probably not thinking hard enough.

EDIT 04/29/2015:
I kind of knew this was going to happen. I HAVE read a book I thought was hysterically funny. The thing I remember most about the book is how spot on it was about depression. So whenever I think of the book, I think of depression.

Hyperbole and a Half Book

The book is really funny before she talks about depression. Actually, even when she describes depression, she does so in a humorous way. She is not making fun of it, she is describing what it feels like to her and how people react to her. I really recommend reading this book.

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