Sunday, April 19, 2015

April Photo Book Challenge: day 16

Day 16: Flowers

This was the hardest challenge. I don't own any books with flowers. If I did, it would be a book on how to draw flowers.

I had to use a magazine. The woman has flowers in her hair. This is the March 2007 issue of ImagineFX magazine. This cover is one of my favorite covers for this magazine. She has delicate features but is a warrior and has tattoos on her neck. The price sticker was located on her cheek. I removed it years but when i was ready to take a photo, I didn't like the black marks the sticker left behind. So I tried to scrap it off with a knife. I got most of it off, but it left marks on her cheek. They kind of look like they belong there; like a scar from battle.

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