Saturday, April 11, 2015

April Photo Book Challenge: day 11

Day 11: POC Character

I could have used this book for female author. I'm noticing a pattern here. Anyway, I believe I read this book when I was in college. The story is fuzzy but... I remember the cover because I liked it. I could have used this book for the favorite cover challenge! Ugh. 

From what I remember in this book, the main character works at a law firm and just keeps getting obstacle after obstacle put in front of her that she has to deal with before she can get her initial task done. I think most of the books I've read with a black woman as the main character, she is always jumping hurdles. I can't recall reading a book where she was solving a mystery. I think most of the books I've read where the main character(s) was(were) East-Asian, the books were about the struggle of being an Asian in America. I am exited to read "Persepolis"! I've had that book on my to-read list for years and I've heard so many good things about it. It's a graphic novel about the life of a Middle-Eastern girl growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. I'm hoping I make it my next book.

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