Saturday, April 11, 2015

April Photo Book Challenge: day 10

Day 10: Female Author

The book I'm using for today could have been used for yesterday's challenge for the word magical.

This book is the first book in a trilogy. I finished this book a few months ago and I didn't start reading book two for several reasons. One reason is because I wanted to give myself time to reflect on this book. I wanted to think about what I just read and decide if the book was good enough to make me read the next one. I know I did get annoyed that the book turned from a scientific research book to a romance book with inexplainable actions. I know it is about magic, but it was about the history of magic in term of alchemy and such. The author did a lot of research for this book. I'm not sure, but this book could probably fall under historical fiction.

Another reason is because I try to alternate the type of books I read next, so I don't get out of the rhythm of reading. If I just read a novel, then my next book might be a tech book. This kind of helps with my book anxiety. Right now I'm a few pages away from finishing up a biography and I just started reading a book about language myths. I don't know when (if) I will start reading book two. It is on not on my road map for 2015. That sentence doesn't hold too much weight, because I've read books that are not in my queue very often. I try to read the books I have in my possession before getting a new book. So I end up reading a book I bought on impulse before a book I've had in my to-read list for years.

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