Sunday, March 15, 2015

Hyperlaspe to Kerry Park

The walk up to Kerry Park is a steep one. Regardless of which way you go, you will burn calories. I decided to use the fairly new iOS app Hyperlapse to film the trip.

Hyperlapse states that their algorithm will fix shaky video, but apparently they didn't prepare for someone like me. I wasn't aware that I bounced that much when I walk.

In this video, I went the long scenic way up to Kerry Park. The first time I went to Kerry Park, I went the short steep way that had me cursing myself for even wanting to go up there. I had just visited the Space Needle and bought a painting for my dad and his wife. I wanted to go to the same spot as the painting so I could take a photo. Unfortunately that day the mountain was not out. So I continued to believe that the photos I saw of Mount Rainer looking huge behind the city was mythology.

Since the city I grew up in was fairly flat, I was upset that Seattle was built on such steep hills @_@. There are hills in The Bronx, but they taper off after a short while and they are not as steep as Seattle. If they are steep, there are steps to go up, but even so, they are still not as steep as the hills (mountains) in Seattle. Getting to Kerry Park feels like a big accomplishment. 

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