Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Should I Create?

Every year around this time, I think about doing a 365 project or 52 weeks project. I’ve tried both and never finished either. This blog was born from a one-a-day project for the month of February.  Of course I never finished it. Back then I was trying to do too much … and I haven’t been cured of that problem yet.  Last year I wanted to do a once a month project where I posted videos once a month. Yeah, that never happened. So I’m not sure what to do to get myself creating and posting often.

I know part of my problem is that I don’t want to display my mistakes and horrible work. I only want to show the work that is polished and (close to) good. Which leads me down the slippery slope of not wanting to try because I know I don’t know how and I don’t want to fail. I have family members in my immediate family that care soooo much about what others think of them, and for years I’ve tried to repel that way of thinking but it seems to have wrapped a film of bad air around me. Sometimes I can break free and be carefree, but it ends up catching up to me and enclosing me again. I need to find a way to truly break free.

 Maybe I should start by looking at the stuff I already have in progress and force myself to finish them (I’m going to need energy equal to the sun to do it). One problem with that, is they are all video/photo related and I’m getting the drawing itch again. I haven’t drawn anything since early last year. I’d like to tame that feeling a little before it gets out of had and I am drawing on the walls.

 Either way, I need to start somewhere. I’m open to any suggestions on what to do or where to start so I can get the water flowing.


mellowbeing said...

I feel ya. I've been thinking of what to do creatively this year too. Have you seen "Doodle a Day"? It's pretty low pressure since they're just doodles - they don't have to be complete works of art or anything. It also only lasts a month. I think the easiest challenge though is the Photo a Day one for a month since it takes a lot less time! :)

Miss U said...

@mellowbeing , thanks for the link. I tried that doodle-a-day challenge with you last summer on Instagram and I only drew two or three days. Anything that has to be done every single day that is not sleeping, eating and breathing is a challenge to me. I could try again but I'm sure I will miss a lot of days.

I don't find photo challenges easier than drawing because drawing can be done anywhere: at lunch during a commute, or at home. Trying to find a good and interesting thing to photograph and have the photo come out well is not easy.