Thursday, February 20, 2014

Train Sketch: BMO

I've suddenly become obsessed with BMO. I think it is because he looks so easy to draw until you start drawing him. If I drew him by hand, he would take less time to draw than trying to draw him on a mobile device or on a desktop device using a mouse pad.

I drew this yesterday on my train ride home. I am running out of space on my iPod and I wanted to go over the apps I have so I can delete the ones I don't use, don't like or need anymore. I download the Adobe Ideas app a while ago bt never used it. When I opened the app and took my first stroke, i was shocked and how smooth and accurate the stroke turned out. Immediately started drawing BMO.

Photo Feb 20, 12 11 40 AM by enchanteddroppings on deviantART

Drawing while on a MTA train is tricky. If you are on a local train, there are less bumps and the train down go too fast because it will have to slow down in a minute for the next station. I was doing okay until my train left Manhattan and was in the under water tunnel. there were too many bumps and I hand to wait for a smooth spot to start drawing again.

The sketch is  a bit sloppy. there are lots of places were I could clean it up but i didn't want to spend hours on something that was suppose to be a quick sketch. As far as the Adobe ideas app, so far I like it  a lot and I recommend it. I'll do a review on it in another post.

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