Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Drawing: BMO with DA Muro

Okay, I'm not obsessed with BMO. I just happen to want to use him to test out new programs. Since he looks like he should be easy to draw (not true depending on the program), I am using him to test out and learn different apps.

I drew this over several days using DeviantART's online drawing app Muro. I started drawing this while watch the NBA All Star Weekend events and I just finished it today. The app has some limitations, for example the amount of brushes, but it is still a decent drawing program. I saw an option to upload brushes. When I learn how, I will. Having your own brushes that work exacting the way you want it will help to keep you sane. I have a Wacom tablet that I bought years ago. I'll dust it off and try it out with the app to see if it can pick up pressure sensitivity and because drawing with a mouse pad is torture!

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