Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Started Sketching Again

I'm doing a book challenge again this year. I'm trying to read 20 books and I am way behind. I'm currently reading about 8 books but I only finished one and it's the beginning of July. I was trying to finish the book "The Art of Disney Brave" since I started It last year. I was actually inspired to draw. I say it like that because I have not been inspired to do anything in a very very long while. I kept stopping to draw things I saw in the book and these are two of the things I drew. 

One of my issues is that I can't seem to draw from my own imagination well. It's like the picture in my brain is too fuzzy or keeps changing to use it as a reference. If I look at a photo or another drawing, I can draw a some what decent-ish looking replica. It's very frustrating and I understand practice makes perfect but this had been going on for years.

I enjoyed the book not only because I like the movie but because they explain the process of making a concept turn into a feature cg animated movie. There is a lot of collecting real life examples and research that is done for animated movies. Don't be fooled into thinking that cg animated movies don't need traditional artist because there is a lot of drawing, character building and fleshing out concepts that are done on paper way before the first cg model is created. 

I just bought the book "The Art of Blue Sky Epic" and hopefully I like it as much and get inspired to sketch again.