Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's That Time of Year Again

When winter comes around, I tend to feel the need to crochet. This is similar to when summer comes around I feel the need to read more books. I don't know if this is a personal habit or social conditioning. I should try to condition myself to draw more during the spring and Autumn. Then I will have the majority of my hobbies that I feel I don't do enough because they compete with others covered.

I started making the hat above in the beginning of December. I started it a while ago but unraveled a bunch of it and started over to make it a puff stich hat.

I finished it a few weeks ago and started to make an Infinity scarf. 

I made the mistake of using thin yarn for a design the requires me to dip into the row below to make two rows into a set. The first 10 rows or so took up 2.5 skeins of yarn. I also made the mistake of making the scarf super long forgetting that since I am using organic yarn, it will stretch when I wash it. Just somethings I had to learn and remember for next time.

I will be too happy when this is done because it is starting to get boring. I keep thinking about starting another project but I know this will go unfinished for a while if I don't stick with it.

The day after my birthday I had a dentist appt and decided to head to the yarn store afterwards. The yarn store is about 50+ blocks away and I wanted to walk most of way there but it was too wet and rainy. I ended up only walking 22 blocks before I gave up and took the train the rest if the way.

I think I went a little over board. I only needed to get 4 more skeins to finish the scarf but decided to stock up on yarn and other crochet tools. I already had about 5 or 6 skeins of yarn (maybe more). I think I have enough yarn to last me the rest of the winter.

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