Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer Fridays: 8-17-13

(text from the description on Vimeo)

This is a video I made one afternoon on a Summer Friday*.

Do you see the guy in the first clip sitting on the bench to the left? He is old school. What I mean by old school is that he had a pile of sheet music with lyrics, a walkman and a stack of tapes. Yes i said a walkman and tapes. He was listening and singing the music out loud.

At first I thought about moving but then I thought it was actually refreshing. Plus I didn't want him to feel alienated as if he was doing something wrong or weird. He was listening to songs from the 50's or 60's. One of the songs he sang was a song from the Movie Dirty Dancing. He sang another song that sounded like the Food Emporium song.

*Summer Friday is when a company gives their employees a half day or the whole day off on Fridays during the summer. The employees usually have to make up the hours during the earlier part of the week.

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