Monday, July 9, 2012

Turtle Chillax

Turtle Chillax by miss-u
Turtle Chillax, a photo by miss-u on Flickr.

Saturday's temps reached the hundreds and I needed to find open space with shade or cooler air. I left my apt to walk through Central Park, mostly to get to the other side.

This time I walked a different route than I had the few times I crossed at this section in the past. I ended up waking by the Great Lawn and on the northern side of the turtle pond. Previously, i had always walked on the southern side and ended up at Belvedere Castle.

I walked around and found a spot where people could actually walk into the pond if they were crazy or not from NYC. I walked up to the edge of the rock that met up with the water. I saw this turtle. As soon as I walked closer, a little boy jumped in the way saying "no no no" and would not let me get closer and take a photo.

I moved over to where a mama duck was with her 3 baby ducks. I took a few photos before the little boy came over to where I was and was attempting to pick up a stick that was covered in something that looked like seaweed. I took the chance to move back over to the turtle to take a few photos before the little boy noticed I left. I took a couple a shots before the little boy noticed, came back to the turtle and attempted to feed it the seaweed on the stick.