Friday, June 24, 2011

Pentax Q

Pentax Q Camera

Pentax intros Q, world's smallest interchangeable lens digital camera (hands-on video) -- Engadget

I like that it is very small. I love taking photos but my Nikon DSLR is big and bulky and sometimes causes me to walk around with two bags. Even though the sensor is smaller which means it will capture a smaller area, it is great to have for a "photo walk" camera. It is also great as a replacement for a point and shoot if you like having manual control over your photos. If I go to an event like a wedding or something i'll most likely still bring my DSLR.

I've been looking for a point and shoot camera for a while. I know I will miss the ability to have more control over my photos so I never bought one. I was thinking of getting a Canon G11 or the Nikon P6000 or P7000, but now I might just wait and get this since I can change the lens :-). I need to learn more about it before I dish out all this money.