Friday, June 25, 2010

Entering the World of Lomography

My coworker needed to go to the art store to buy spray paint. I tagged along with him because I love the art store. I helped him pick out a blue color to use to paint on his skateboard ... oh did I forget to mention I have a blank skateboard and I will be designing it soon? .. cause I do :-D. Anyway, I wondered into another alse and found a table filled with toys cameras aka Lomography cameras.

I could not walk away. My co worker got on line, paid, came back and I was still there. I've always wanted the Diana F+ camera but I figured it is doing something my d60 is already doing, so I wanted to get the Fisheye camera. I wanted the Diana F+ kit which comes with all the lens and attachments and also cost about $250. I just spent so much money moving, I could spare to spend any more money. I don't have a Fisheye lens and getting the camera would have been perfect. My coworker had to drag me away. It helped that I was hungry and we hadn't eaten lunch yet.

The Lomography store is not far from my job. It is located on West 8th and 6th AVE. I headed over there after work to basically drool over all the photographs and photography equipment. I ended up getting the Fisheye 2 camera, Diana F+ hotshoe flash and 3 rolls of film. Yes, they are film cameras. It is actually so much fun to take weird photos and wondering how they are going to come out. I heart my new toy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Visit to The Stockinette Knitting Cafe

I've been meaning to write this post since forever. So much has happened in the last couple of months. I haven't had the time or clear mind to do it. I haven't even crocheted anything in months. Such a shame. I think it is mostly because I am trying to finish the green hat but I need more yarn.

A friend of mine had an early Saturday morning baby shower in March. I complained about the time because I'm use to going to baby showers in the afternoon, NOT 10 am. It was a nice event. I was able to see people I use to work with that I haven't seen in a while. Afterward, I went to The Stockinette Knitting Cafe which is Jersey City's only knitting and crochet store. The store was only a few blocks away from the restaurant where the baby shower was held.

The Cafe is very cozy. When you first walk in there is a sitting area by the window with a couch where people knit or crochet. The day I walked in, the owner was giving a small class. As you walk further in, there are a couple of tables and chairs to eat or drink. Toward the back is the register and coffee shop part of the cafe. The yarn is located in shelves and bookcases along the sides of the cafe. The cafe was actually smaller than I thought it would be but had a small town cafe charm to it. I read they have comedy nights, which leads me to wonder where?!? The only thing I can think of is that they own the space next door, which was closed off, and that is where they have bigger classes and comedy nights.

I went in looking for more yarn to finish up my green hat. She didn't have it and apparently vendors do not sell products to shops that are with in a certain distances from each other outside of NYC. She told me the shop in Hoboken might have the yarn I need. I didn't leave the place empty handed. I ended up buying blue yarn to make one of my best friends a scarf or something else. The shop owner rang me up but had to get back to her (paying) class, so I was able to unravel and wind my yarn myself. It was kind of cool; she set up the yarn and I just wound it myself. I would go back, mostly for the charm and the nice people. I just hope they get a better selection of yarn.