Friday, December 31, 2010

One Camera, One Lens Project

I heart the Tumblog In this post they mentioned the One camera, one Lens Project. I already did this last year, but in color and with my 50mm. Actually I didn't make it through the whole year. I should say 6 months. I wasn't planning to shoot a whole year with just my 50. I had gotten it as a gift and loved it so much. I wanted to get better at shooting, not worrying about what lens I had and made what I had work. Around the summer I stopped carrying my D60 with me every single day (which I'd done since I got it back in Feb 08). I only kept my phone on me to take photos.

I may get a 35mm lens in the next couple of weeks and then only shoot in black and white for a month or two ... or maybe 6 months. I really do want to get better at composition. Photography is about capturing light and not about what equipment or software you have. I may start shooting in black in white on my phone camera too.

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