Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Next Stop: Toys

When I'm done with the current scarf projects I'm working on, I'm finally going to move on to crocheting toys. I bought two amigurumi books and I haven't used them. Actually it may be three books. I can't remember because the majority of my books are still in boxes from my move. I bought a bunch of yarn last week and the week before. I only meant to buy yarn two weeks ago but the craft Store Michael's gave me a coupon for 25% off my entire order. I couldn't let it waste so I used it. They gave me another coupon ... I need to go back (help).

If you don't know what amigurumi is, here are some examples:

Amigurumi cream and pink teddy bear keychain
Amigurumi Chocolate cupcake bear with a cherry on top
Amigurumi Chickie Bird with crown

It should be fun ... hopefully...

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