Friday, February 5, 2010

I Got The Last One

So I went to the yarn store during lunch. I brought with me the label from the finished yarn and the project in case they didn't have the yarn I needed and wanted to sell me something similar. For a small shop, Purl Soho always has customers in there. No matter what time I stop or pass by. 
I gave one of the workers the label, he went searching and pulled out the last skein of yarn in that color. I was so happy. I didn't want to finish up the black section with a different material. Nor did I want to travel down to the wall street area to the other store I know about because at the time I thought I had to go to a baby shower the next day and needed the time after work to shop for a gift. Turns out the baby shower is in a month.

Hopefully I will finish this project tomorrow, take photos and then finish up the blue-green scarf to match the hat. I also might start on making baby booties and a hat since I have to go to a baby shower in a month ...

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