Monday, February 8, 2010

The Gift is Done

I finished the scarf .. I just noticed I said scarf before, so even if he does follow my blog (doubt it) he knows it is a scarf, that's what happens when you work 10 hrs days at work and get little sleep. I finished it on Sunday after my brother drove me home from hanging with family to watch the Super Bowl. I brought it with me to my mom's apt so I could work on in during my 2 hour trip home to The Bronx and before the game.

I bought Woolite and washed it tonight. I was so paranoid about it not being long enough, but now after I washed it, it stretched. I used the directions on this blog that Mellowbeing sent to me. I think it might be close to 6 feet. Now, I'm wondering if it is too long because I don't know how he wears his scarves. I hope it settles into itself while it dries. I also hope it is dry by the morning.

I took pictures yesterday morning. I'll try to take more in the morning since it is washed and done, but I won't be able to put up photos until he receives the gift. Maybe I can get him to pose with the gift:-D


mellowbeing said...

:) Glad ya finished it just in time to be sent out! Told ya it'd stretch a bit after washing ;) It looks really good.

Frederick Van said...

I'm following your blog NOW. ;-)