Sunday, February 28, 2010

9 Hour Phone that Stamps Holes in Snow People

On Saturday Palm released an update for their WebOS. I tried the night before and it wasn't available yet, so when I woke up, I rolled over, picked up my phone, checked emails, checked txt msgs and saw WebOS 1.4 was available. I was excited because this update was bringing video to the Palm Pre. Unfortunately my update didn't go as smoothly as the previous updates. My Phone froze on restart. I was in contact with Palm and Sprint reps and I had to head to a repair store to get it fixed. 9 hours later, I had WebOS 1.4 on my phone. I was so excited the first thing I did when I left the store was take video of the area.

I had to drop my phone off for about an hour and a half. While I waited, I had a huge ass burrito at Qdoba. It didn't hit me until after dropping off my phone that I hadn't eaten since around 9 am. I left my phone with Sprint at 4:46 pm and that burrito was the last thing I ate all day (HUGE), lol.

After I ate, I went walking around. I remember Jen telling me there was a craft store on 18th Street (or something like that). I never found the store because I ended up in a paper supply store called Print Icon. I've seen this store before because my friend use to work on this block years ago, but I never stepped foot inside. I had to stop myself from buying purple paper or purple envelopes. I don't have anyone to write to :-/. These are the times I wish I had my phone. I wanted to take pictures of everything. They had a massive and beautiful purple paper press machine in the back. I think I might go back just to take a photo of it. I tried to walk out the store without buying something but I ended up buying a special stamp that helps hide your address on paper you want to throw out. It saves times because you can just stamp the paper and throw it out instead of shredding the paper to pieces to hide your personal information.

What made my day was the Mini Craft Punch kit I bought. I think it's targeted for kids, but I'm pretty sure I'm not done growing up (sometimes I wish I could go back). It contains 15 mini paper hole punchers in different designs. I managed to walk by them twice and tell myself no. It was the third time when I saw the tulip (my favorite flower) and penguin design that I was sold. So now I can put holes in my paper, stamp them, then throw them away, lol. I can say, I will have lots of pretty confetti.

After I got my phone back, I walked down to Washington Square Park. Even though I work in this area, I still end up here during the weekends. I took a few photos while walking through the park and saw these guys. Apparently someone created them the day before or earlier in the day and the warm-ish (40 degrees) weather melted them.

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