Saturday, January 9, 2010

About Enchanted Droppings

Original purpose

About two years ago (2008) my coworkers and I decided to do a one-a-day project. I didn't know what to do so Jen ( suggested that I use the vector pictures that come with Photoshop and create a graphic design piece with them everyday. I also wanted to get better at drawing so I decide to draw as well. At the time I had all the time in the world, so I was able to do both everyday (five days a week). After a while I started to have a creative block or I was busy and I couldn't keep up. I then decided to stop the Photoshop part and just draw. I started graduate school and work at my job became very hectic. Last year I only posted work about seven times. This year I would like to get back to drawing and updating this blog. Which leads to it's new purpose.

New Purpose

I decided to make this my "being creative" blog. I love Art and Design. Photography and drawing both fall under one of those categories. Last year I didn't draw a lot but I was taking a lot of photos. One of the classes I took in graduate school was a photography class which made me buy my Nikon D60. I also started crocheting again this year (January 2010). I learned how to crochet when I was about 9 years old and recent events lead me to start practicing/making things again. I am going to use this blog to post sketches, drawings, doodles, digital art, progress on items I am crocheting or sewing and my favorite photos that I take.

Origin of the Name

Enchanted Droppings is a spin off of special crap, or a polished turd. My stuff is crap but it's special crap :-). I also have a thing for faeries and faeries are enchanted.


mellowbeing said...

It's good to see you focusing on this blog again. I'm sure there'll be lots of good posts and fun new drawings to look forward to seeing/reading! Btw February is right around the corner so get ready for this years daily challenge. Any ideas on what to do yet?

Miss U said...

Oh no, not me. I can't do that. At least not this year. I'm not going to take on more than i can chew or i will fail at everything. But If i do, It might be something that is easy for me, like take a photo everyday. Are you going to do it?