Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Did You Hear the Joke About ...

We had to take a mandatory online harassment course which took about 2 hours out of our day. I understand it is needed to let everyone know the differences between good, questionable, and bad conduct. But most of the examples were so out there, theatrical and over the top. For example. There was a scene where they had an illustration of an office and there were different things scattered around the office and you had to decide if it was good, questionable or bad. They showed a list on the fridge that said something like "Signs you are a Bad leader: you wear a bra, you don't wear short skirts, you have monthly mood swings". There was one more item but I forgot what it was. WTF?!! lol mellowbeing and I kept saying during the training "what?!", "OMG" or just laughing. There were many parts you could not skip and the instructor kept talking and talking. During that time I was chatting with anomaa or drawing. There was a quiz at the end and I got a perfect score. I told mellowbeing I was going to take a screen shot and put it up on facebook, to show how awesome I am. Lol

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