Saturday, April 19, 2008

No Internet Make Miss U Go Crazy

Normally I would spend today and tomorrow posting all the post from the week I had not had a chance to post. There is construction going on on my building and I think the bastards cut my phone wire. This means no DSL. This city finds a way to piss me off each day. So with no DSL that means no updates or crappy pics from my cellphone. It's funny how no access (or reliable access) can turn your world upside down. You forget how to function without internet access. If I didn't have a smart phone I probably would have gone comepletely crazy... that or spend the weekend at my mother's apt :-D

I will probably spend the day reading novels, reading tech books,working on my website redesign or drawing. Oh wait my portfolio for grad school. I have to finish that. Look at that I'm already busy but I will still fein for my internet access. Le sigh.

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