Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Rules

I thought I was only a week behind in sketches but I just back tracked and it is more than that. I know I am three weeks behind in Photoshop entries, but I am only counting two weeks because I meant to post this post since last weekend.

So mellowbeing was right. A sketch and a photoshop entry a day is too much. I was actually keeping up until something happened to me to turn my life upside down. I'm trying to get everything back to somewhat normal, even though my life was never normal. This kind of works out for the better, because when grad school start for me in the fall, I probably wont be able to keep up. Plus I can give the photoshop entires more time and effort since I am mostly working on it at night/early morning. Maybe they will come out better.

So the new rules are a sketch a day but a photoshop entry a week; two a week if I'm feeling frisky. All this starts after I catch up on the two weeks backlog of PS entries.

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