Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The M Word


So my best friend tells me that his family keeps throwing the M word at him. He keeps complaining that he is "too young" and is still getting himself together. This is how I picture him when his family starts with the "talk". I cant front, I'm starting to get it too. I saw a family friend that I have not seen in years. What does she do? She grabs my hand to look for a ring. Sorry Mrs. H., nothing to see here, move it along. all the good ones seem to be taken... or rich basketball players that don't know I exist. hmmm got to fix that some how...

I don't really get the M word, I get the B or K word. No babies here, keep moving along. I'm waiting for my brother to go first. I'll practice with his kids.


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DMaC said...

Haha thats mad funny. Gotta go.. ill ttyl. I have to practice my ninja technique.