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Party All the Time

My supervisor/project lead or whatever he is to us, was irritated last week. His son was sick and he only had 3 hours of sleep. So Mellowbeing and I tried to cheer him up or make him feel better most of the day. One of the things I did was draw out the Youtube page of Eddy Murphy's song Party all the Time. My supervisor came in one day singing it and got it stuck in everyone's head. Plus he kept doing a dance that had Mellow and I cracking up. The sketch was done very quickly because we had just gotten back from lunch and I didn't want to spend too much time on it since we have lots of work and tight schedules. Plus I was trying to finish before he got back to his desk. He did end up smiling.

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School Starts Again

School starts for me tomorrow. I enroll in an MFA program in Grad school. The last time I was in school was three years ago when I graduated from undergrad school. I'm half excited and half scared because I do not know what to expect. I just hope the students are cool and I make new friends. I also hope the teachers are understand and cool. This also means I might not have new drawings for a while. Or it could be that while I am watching videos or looking through text books I will have time to draw and be inspired. So I guess we have to wait and see. Wish me luck.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Run Away Nugget

I can't remember the joke. A couple of weeks ago, my co-worker was eating nuggets and something happen which made her say something like "run away nugget" or "nugget bandit". I turned around and started drawing a nugget bandit. I told myself I would add a cop chasing it later. I didn't add the cop and background until yesterday and now I can't remember why I started drawing it in the first place. I'm teasing my brother for turning 30 and yet I am losing my beautiful memory. :(

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making Progress

Almost done with the portfolio. This is what I was working on last night while watching the Olympics and falling asleep. Yeah I know she has big eyes. I thing that is my thing, draw people with big eyes. Anyway, it is not done. I can't wait to be done. Well, you are never finished with your portfolio. At least I wont have someone on my back riding me to get it done.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

So Did You Hear the Joke About ...

We had to take a mandatory online harassment course which took about 2 hours out of our day. I understand it is needed to let everyone know the differences between good, questionable, and bad conduct. But most of the examples were so out there, theatrical and over the top. For example. There was a scene where they had an illustration of an office and there were different things scattered around the office and you had to decide if it was good, questionable or bad. They showed a list on the fridge that said something like "Signs you are a Bad leader: you wear a bra, you don't wear short skirts, you have monthly mood swings". There was one more item but I forgot what it was. WTF?!! lol mellowbeing and I kept saying during the training "what?!", "OMG" or just laughing. There were many parts you could not skip and the instructor kept talking and talking. During that time I was chatting with anomaa or drawing. There was a quiz at the end and I got a perfect score. I told mellowbeing I was going to take a screen shot and put it up on facebook, to show how awesome I am. Lol

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Primary Focus

Yeah I know I suck because I stopped updating this blog. I will continue, its just that I have so many things on my mind and I have artist block. Not to mention I think I might have missed the deadline to get my portfolio in for grad school so they can assign me the appropriate classes. So I been forcing myself to finish up my portfolio last week and this weekend. I wanted it to be done by the middle of July. Actually, the Admission Rep said he would contact me again in two weeks, which was the middle of July. Ha! That didn't happen. Then I wanted to be done before August hit. Heh. I am about 70% done, but that is not good enough. Below is one of the drawings I've been working on.

Yes it is still a drawing that is part of the problem and it is not even a finished drawing because there is more stuff I want to add to it. Plus I am deciding if I will color it in using pencils, or scan it and color it using photoshop. Either way I'm still not done.
I would try and spend today working on my portfolio but my mom is going away and wants to see her kids before she leaves. So I have to troop my way up to The Bronx today. Le sigh ...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Meeting Doodles

See I am still drawing. Just not very often ... and on a grad scale ... but I am still drawing. i drew these during a recent meeting.

So we are creating templates at work and my co-worker names a class "spacey list". I told her that sounds like a person's name. Someone that is always spaced out. So I drew her saying what. My other co-worker pronounced it spack-y, so I drew a guy and made it her brother.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tragic Artist

Usually the tormented or tragic artist produces the best work. Not with me. I rather lay in my bed ignoring the world. I just noticed that June is only one day away and I only posted four drawings. The days are so long but the nights go by so fast.

I'm more technical then artistic and both sides fight each other for my brain time. I've been studying lately. I miss using python (programming language), so I'm trying to study when I get home. Along with AJAX and learning more about Perl. Yes my tech side is over powering my Art side. I like learning and want to know everything. The balance will shift again and I will be all arty again. One reason being, I bought a new camera. yey!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I can draw him cause he is open source.

While waiting for the bus this morning. Decided to draw kidmang. The reference was the button my co-worker gave me that I put on my sneaker. I'm still learning because I forgot his ears and white marks on his head.
I drew a Lady Mangette a couple of weeks ago. Don't think my co-worker fancied it too much. Too bad open source I can do what I want :-D

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No Internet Make Miss U Go Crazy

Normally I would spend today and tomorrow posting all the post from the week I had not had a chance to post. There is construction going on on my building and I think the bastards cut my phone wire. This means no DSL. This city finds a way to piss me off each day. So with no DSL that means no updates or crappy pics from my cellphone. It's funny how no access (or reliable access) can turn your world upside down. You forget how to function without internet access. If I didn't have a smart phone I probably would have gone comepletely crazy... that or spend the weekend at my mother's apt :-D

I will probably spend the day reading novels, reading tech books,working on my website redesign or drawing. Oh wait my portfolio for grad school. I have to finish that. Look at that I'm already busy but I will still fein for my internet access. Le sigh.

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Drupal Meeting

Thursday's Sketch

We had a 3 hour long early morning meeting Thursday. I was fine in the beginning, but then I started to drift off. Especially since I didn't go to bed early the night before. To help me stay awake, I drew what I saw outside the window. The thing on the left is supposed to be an orange slice from my co-workers plate. Then he ate it so I had to draw from memory ... my memory needs adjusting. The pointy building in the background is the Empire State Building. I never finished the drawing cause the sugar in the cranberry juice started to kicked in.
I also counted how many times the female presenter said "ah". The number was somewhere around 30.

New Rules

I thought I was only a week behind in sketches but I just back tracked and it is more than that. I know I am three weeks behind in Photoshop entries, but I am only counting two weeks because I meant to post this post since last weekend.

So mellowbeing was right. A sketch and a photoshop entry a day is too much. I was actually keeping up until something happened to me to turn my life upside down. I'm trying to get everything back to somewhat normal, even though my life was never normal. This kind of works out for the better, because when grad school start for me in the fall, I probably wont be able to keep up. Plus I can give the photoshop entires more time and effort since I am mostly working on it at night/early morning. Maybe they will come out better.

So the new rules are a sketch a day but a photoshop entry a week; two a week if I'm feeling frisky. All this starts after I catch up on the two weeks backlog of PS entries.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Lil Miss Big Head

Friday's sketch

Man I suck at perspective. I redid her arms a bazillion times. One of the reason why I gave her lavesage hands. Every time I redid her arms, her body kept getting smaller and smaller. lol, she looks a little lazy eyed ... and both of her legs and arms are longer than the other. lol. Or maybe she is stepping forward. Where is she going? I didn't tell her to go anywhere!
She is my special lil big head.

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Bonus #2 - Happy Birthday Mikayla!

Happy Birthday Mikayla!!!

Today is my Goddaughter's 4th birthday. Here are some pictures I took of her back in the day when her and her family lived a block away from me. Now they live waaayyy out in LI and I live across the water.

This was taken when she was probably 6 months. She was sitting on her father's lap.

This is a picture I took of her on her first birthday. That was the same day she learned to walk ... finally, lol. I was teaching her more than her mom was.

This is a close up of the same picture. I have pictures from her 3rd birthday, but I didn't take them, so I'm not uploading them. I need to see her to take more pictures. I also need a new camera. 

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Bonus #1


This is what I was working on most of Saturday. I sketched this a long time ago and scanned it to color in Gimp. Coloring by mouse is not that easy. So I had to finish it in Photoshop on my tablet PC. This is why I didn't do my usual catch up on the weekend. Sunday I learned the hard way that malls close on Easter. Some stores were open, but most were closed. I ended up going to the movies to watch "The Bank Job" (I forget movies should have quotes or underlines?). I love the British language ... oh the movie was smashing as well.

So what's a Bonus you ask? A bonus is something that is something extra I wanted to post. Whether it is a photo, or finished work, or just another sketch that I couldn't wait to post.

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Three Eyed Green Eyed Monster

Tuesday's sketch

I can't remember the full context of the conversation but, it some how involved a three eyed green eyed monster. My supervisor was leaving for the day so he came by to check to see if we needed anything before he left. Some how we talked about allergies, then he mentioned a three eyed monster. I heard green eyed monster, then I brought up a three eyed green eyed monster.

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